Mentee Rim Hajj Discusses the Impact of WPSP

A Women in Public Service Project (WPSP) delegate and mentee, Rim Hajj (Morocco), describes how the WPSP Wellesley Institute impacted her life personally and professionally.
Women in Democratic Transitions in the MENA Region Cover Page

Women in Democratic Transitions in the MENA Region

The Rabat Conference in November 2012 was hosted by the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior in partnership with the Global Women’s Leadership Initiative at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the Wellesley Centers for Women with support from Lynn and Bob Johnston. UN Women, UNDP, and the International Republican Institute provided valuable collaboration. Through this compilation of papers based on discussions at the conference, we celebrate the call for women’s centrality in the constitutional making processes and the negotiation processes involved in strengthening the rule of law in the MENA region.

Students from China Women's University Visit the Wilson Center

Fifteen students from the China Women’s University visited the Wilson Center where they discussed their action plans and reflected on the transformative impact of the Women in Public Service Institute on their university.

Director of Global Women’s Leadership Initiative Receives Award from SEC

Washington, DC – The Director of the Global Women’s Leadership Initiative at the Wilson Center, Rangita de Silva de Alwis, was honored by the Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White and the SEC Women’s Committee this April for her contributions as an advocate, scholar, and policy maker forging the path for women’s equality.

Seminal Mentoring Session with Emerging Women Leaders in Burma

Our inaugural mentoring conference call with Burmese women activists was led by the Women in Public Service Project (WPSP) delegate, Soe Win. The 15 Burmese women who were on the phone with us, mostly from the ethnic states and rural regions, gathered together at an internet café for the Skype conversation.

WPSP Mentee Nyo Nyo Thinn from Myanmar Presents Plan to Parliament

Dr. Nyo Nyo Thinn, a delegate at the Inaugural Women in Public Service Project (WPSP) Summer Institute at Wellesley College, presented her plan on Proportional Representation (PR) in the Yangon Parliament in Myanmar.

Caroline Kennedy for Women's Rights in Japan

Caroline Kennedy has recently been placed in the spotlight as a potential US Ambassador to Japan. In light of that announcement, The Wilson Center’s Shihoko Goto wrote an article discussing the potential for women’s issues in Japan under Kennedy’s ambassadorship.

Conference Report: African Women and Youth as Agents of Change through Technology and Innovation

On May 1, 2013, the Africa Program and the Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity (Leadership Project) at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Wilson Center) sought to highlight some of the exciting developments by women and youth in Africa utilizing technology and social innovations to tackle every day issues. In collaboration with several other Wilson Center programs and the Kenyan-based African Technology Policy Studies Network, The Africa Program and Leadership Project hosted an international conference titled, “African Women and Youth as Agents of Change through Technology and Innovation.”

Closing the Gender Gap: Women Leaders as a 'Force Multiplier' in Politics, Business

The world’s population is split approximately 50-50 between men and women. But when it comes to presidents, prime ministers, and other heads of state and government, a significant gender disparity is uncovered. To commemorate the 15-year anniversary of the Council of Women World Leaders, we spoke with Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland, and Margot Wallstrom, former vice-president of the European Commission, about their work, the status of women leaders, and prospects for the future.

#YesAllCultures #NotAllMen

Alison Brysk provides response and analysis to the shooting in Santa Barbara and the #YesAllWomen phenomenon.


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