Education for Democracy in Ukraine

May 16, 2005 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Alden Craddock, Director, International Democratic Education Institute, Bowling Green State University

Fraud or Fairytales: Russia and Ukraine's Electoral Experiences

May 12, 2005 // 3:30pm5:30pm
Peter Ordeshook, Professor of Political Science, California Institute of Technology; Mikhail Myagkov, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Oregon

Bringing up Vanya Smith: The Children of Russian-American Marriages

May 09, 2005 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Lynn Visson, member, Editorial Board, Mosty, and former Title VIII-Supported Short-Term Scholar, Kennan Institute

How Russians Differ in Viewing Their World

May 03, 2005 // 3:30pm5:30pm
Richard Rose, Director, Centre for the Study of Public Policy, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Kazakhstan: The Investor's Perspective

May 02, 2005 // 12:00pm1:00pm
William Veale, Executive Director, U.S.-Kazakhstan Business Council(5th floor conference room)

Environmental Advocacy and the Movement for Nuclear Safety in Kazakhstan

April 26, 2005 // 3:30pm5:30pm
Kaisha Atakhanova, Director, Karaganda Ecological Center, and 2005 Goldman Environmental Prize Winner from Asia, describes how the people of Kazakhstan were able to successfully resist a proposed law that would allow foreign countries to dispose of nuclear waste products in Kazakhstan.

From Lords to Vassals: The End of Regional Executive Elections in Russia

April 25, 2005 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Andrew Konitzer, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Baylor University, and former Title VIII-Supported Research Scholar, Kennan Institute

How Far Can the EU and NATO Go in Taking in Ukraine and Russia

April 18, 2005 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Ira Strauss, U.S. Coordinator, Committee on Eastern Europe and Russia in NATO

What Happened to 'Unity, Consent and Revival?' The Donetsk Clan before and after the Ukrainian Presidential Elections

April 12, 2005 // 3:30pm5:30pm
Kerstin Zimmer, Research Associate, Institute of Sociology, University of Marburg, Germany

Judicial and Legal Reform in the Aftermath of the Ukrainian Presidential Elections

April 11, 2005 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Bohdan Futey, Judge, United States Court of Federal Claims


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