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Latin American Program in the News: Cynthia Arnson sobre El Salvador: La intensa polarización es un obstáculo a la lucha contra grupos criminales

This article features an interview with Cynthia Arnson about criminal groups in El Salvador. This article is in Spanish.

Latin American Program in the News: Pérez, abierto a la legalización

Otto Perez Molina will likely propose drug legalization at the next summit of regional leaders. Dr. Cynthia Arnson, Director of the Latin American Program, discusses how the initiative comes in response to the frustration over the current drug policy that has defined the region over the past few decades. She argues that even though it may not be implemented, it is a message that is icreasingly becoming part of the discussion in the region. [Article is in Spanish]

The 'New Left' and Democratic Governance in Latin America

Based on presentations at a November 2006 workshop, this publication explores political trends and policy outcomes in eight countries and aims to understand why so many governments of the Left have come to power in Latin America at this moment in history and explores the impact of specific policies in the areas of social welfare, citizen participation, human rights, and foreign relations.

Latin American Program in the News: Ven Narco Mexicano Dominar Colombia

This article highlights the Latin American Program's working brief by Daniel Rico, La Dimension Internacional del Crimen Organizado en Colombia: Las Bacrim, sus Rutas y Refugios. [In Spanish]

Taxation and Inequality in Latin America

Despite widespread economic growth and increasing social expenditures, Latin America remains one of the most unequal regions of the world. The region's highly regressive tax systems remain a huge hurdle to reducing poverty and inequality.

Noticias - Fall 2001

Lead Article: Combatting Corruption in Mexico


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