Latin American Program in the News: Death of Consul's Daughter Spurs Venezuela Outcry

Latin American Program Scholar, Roberto Briceño-Leon, comments on high murder rates in Venezuela.

Thinking Regionally to Compete Globally: Leveraging Migration and Human Capital in the U.S., Mexico, and Central America

Amid powerful demographic, economic and social forces reshaping Mexico and much of Central America and newfound momentum for reform of the U.S. immigration system, the countries of the region have new avenues to improve opportunities for their own people and strengthen regional competitiveness with new collaborative approaches on migration and human-capital development, an influential task force convened by the Migration Policy Institute and the Wilson Center concluded in a final report.

Latin American Program in the News: Washington y la transición política de Venezuela

"En un momento de tanta emoción en el país por la muerte de Chávez -algo que une a sus simpatizantes- no habría necesidad de crear enemigos extranjeros", dice Cynthia J. Arnson.

Training a New Generation of Leaders

To assess the state of public policy education in Latin America, the Wilson Center launched a research project to survey the institutional capacity for graduate level training in public policy in Latin America and the United States. This publication is the result and offers an overview of public policy education in Latin America while providing a groundwork for future efforts to improve its quality in the region.

The Administration of President Mauricio Funes: A One Year Assessment

Stemming from a conference held in June 2008, this report provides a spectrum of opinions on the successes and challenges faced by El Salvador's President Mauricio Funes in his first year in office.

Latin American Program in the News: "¿El Plan Colombia II?"

In this article about a proposal for a "Plan Colombia II" created by Senator Juan Fernando Cristo, the president of the Colombian Congress, Latin American Program Director is quoted about U.S. aid in El Salvador pre- and post-conflict. This article is in Spanish.



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