Mexico Institute in the News: Mexican Vote May Determine Future of Drug War

Enrique Pena Nieto, a front-runner in the Mexican presidential race, is in the PRI, which is known for allowing drug cartels power. U.S. policy-makers are concerned for what may happen with the drug war if he wins the election.

Mexico Institute in the News: For Mexican police, splashy arrests trump criminal convictions

Mexican law-enforcement officials routinely parade detainees in public ‘perp walks’ and news conferences in the hope of regaining the trust of a citizenry besieged by organized crime.

Latin American Program in the News: Fighting Violence Against Women

Fellow Alison Brysk was interviewed on violence against women in this segment of Arise News.

Latin American Program in the News: América Latina, el nuevo campo de batalla económico entre China y EE UU

The Wilson Center is mentioned in this article on the economic influence of China in Latin America.

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