Wilson Awards: Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Honored

President Santos of Colombia was presented with the Wilson Center's Award for Public Service, honoring his commitment to serving the public god by fostering democracy, security, and peace in Colombia.

Part IV of the Latino Vote: A Look Ahead

In our final chapter, Roberto Suro looks beyond the headlines of 2012 to identify the most important trend lines reshaping the dynamics of U.S. elections.

Tax Reform In Latin America: A Long-Term Assessment

Vito Tanzi's keynote speech at our taxation event on December 11, 2013.

Wilson Center Reports on the Americas

Expert reports offer an in-depth analysis of key issues for the region.

Are Latin America's New Left Regimes Reducing Inequality Faster? Addendum to Poverty, Inequality and the New Left

This is an addendum to a paper commissioned for a conference, by economist Nora Lustig, who reviews trends in poverty and inequality throughout Latin America, comparing left and non-left governments, as well as left governments and their non-leftist predecessors.


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