Toward a Society Under Law

The first part of the book covers general themes related to crime, including the impact of community policing, the role of advocacy networks, urban social policies and crime, and the cost of crime. The second part includes case studies of police reform, community policing, Argentina's plan for crime prevention, and crime in Mexico City.

Latin American Program in the News: Venezuela's Chavez says his cancer is likely back

President Chavez reveals that he needs to return to Cuba to have a lesion removed. This may prove a major hurdle in his quest for re-election. Director of the Latin American Program Cynthia Arnson argues that this will be a major factor that will make "the race even tighter" against Capriles.

Latin American Program in the News: "América Latina no prioriza recursos para la prevención de drogas"

In this interview, Latin American Program Global Fellow Juan Carlos Garzón discusses what he considers a lack of focus on prevention in drug policies in Latin America. This article is in Spanish.

The Cuban Economy: Recent Trends

This publication examines the contemporary state of Cuba’s economy at a time of great transformation through the use of econometric and other macroeconomic analysis tools.

Latin American Program in the News: ¿Elogio de la marihuana?

The Wilson Center Press report “The Criminal Diaspora: The Transnational Diffusion of Organized Crime and How to Contain Its Expansion,” edited by Latin American Program scholar Juan Carlos Garzón and Associate Director Eric L. Olson, is cited by this op-ed about reform of marijuana laws. This article is in Spanish.


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