Latin American Program in the News: Propuesta de legalizar drogas es "distracción", dice zar antridrogas de EEUU

Gil Kerlikowske’s comments on the legalization of drugs were quoted in this article. Kerlikowske participated in the National Conversation: “Drug Policy: A 21st Century Approach to Reform” held at the Wilson Center. (In Spanish)

Prevention and Response to Urban Crime and Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean

This report summarizes an April 2003 conference that sought to identify international trends related to the prevention of violence and the promotion of public safety.

Citizen Security

Citizen insecurity poses a rising challenge to democratic governance and the exercise of citizenship throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Transnational organized crime, gang violence, drug production and trafficking, and other sources of insecurity continue to threaten the quality of democracy and rule of law in the region.

U.S. Lawmakers Probe Root Causes of Border Crisis

Associate Director Eric L. Olson's comments at a Congressional hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee are quoted in this article.

Mafia & Co.

Mafia & Co. provides an analytical perspective of the inner workings and expansion of organized crime in three Latin American countries. The author provides a comparative investigation looking specifically at criminal networks in Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil.

Latin American Program in the News: New surgery for Venezuela’s Chavez throws election scenario into turmoil

Chavez delicate health condition may help the opposition in this year's presidential elections in Venezuela.


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