APJ participa en foro internacional sobre seguridad, pobreza y migración

The event “Why are Thousands of Central American Children Risking their Lives to Reach the United States?: A View from Honduras” is discussed.

How Well Do You Understand the U.S.-Mexico Border?

In this Context interview, Wilson Center Vice President of Programs Andrew Selee discusses common misperceptions about the U.S.-Mexico border.

Three Keys to Understanding Venezuela’s Latest Crisis

"Is this the end for chavismo? There is no doubt that with the events of this week Venezuela has entered a new and troubling phase in the chavista revolution," writes Eric Olson.

Presidential Election Results Challenged in Venezuela

An unexpectedly close outcome in the Venezuela election has resulted in charges of “irregularities” and the demand for a recount from opposition leader Henrique Capriles. Can the “Chavismo” movement survive without Hugo Chavez? We spoke with Latin American Program Director Cynthia Arnson to gain perspective on this and other questions.

Decentralization in Guatemala: The Search for Participatory Democracy

This report results from a forum held on July 26, 2001 to facilitate discussion on the process of decentralization with respect to the creation of a participatory democracy.
Noticias in the Media Winter 12-13

Latin American Program in the Media: Winter 2013

See what our staff, fellows, and scholars have been saying on key issues.


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