A Review of "My Country: Insights to Understand and Change Mexico"

Eric L. Olson, Senior Associate at the Mexico institute, has reviewed Denise Dresser's book titled "My Country: Insights to Understand and Change Mexico". The review appears on page 10 of the recent issue of 'Americas Quarterly' for winter the of 2012.

Drug gang violence: Very bad things are happening in Honduras

This article on drug-related gang violence in Honduras and the region quotes Eric Olson.

Armies in Times of Peace: The Division of Labor Between Armed Forces and Police

This publication examines the lack of a common definition of security and addresses the division of labor between the armed forces and the national police corps in small- and medium-sized countries.

Latin American Program in the News: Obama da un vuelco comercial a su relación con América Latina

Director Cynthia J. Arnson commented on the deepening economic relations between the United States and Latin America, a region that is being seen by Washington as a vital economic partner instead of its natural "backyard." (In Spanish)

Latin American Program in the News: Chavez and rival urged to lower tensions ahead of election

The Carter Center has acted an observer in past Venezuelan elections but will not do so this time.


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