Latin American Program in the News: Two opposing parties claim win in Honduras presidential election

The conservative ruling party and a leftist coalition both claimed victory in the Honduras presidential election.

Central American foreign ministers meet in Washington to lobby Obama on immigration crisis

Program Director is quoted in the Tico Times about how the solution to the decrease of extremely high levels of crime and poverty in Central America will take more than a "magic bullet".

Democratic Governance

The Program’s work on democratic governance focuses on questions of improving democratic quality and state capacity, the relationship between democratization and internal armed conflict, the resurgence of populism, and the protection of human rights.

Strategies for Promoting Gender Equity in Developing Countries

This Conference Report examines strategies for promoting gender equity in development. It draws upon experts to analyze individual cases from throughout the developing world. The report also aims to identify policy options for enhancing gender equity and suggests ways of rethinking current debates over the inclusion of women.

Latin American Program in the News: Trade with Asia Protects Latin America from Global Economic Swings

This article provides an overview of the LAP event held on June 20th, 2013, "Reaching Across the Pacific: Latin America and Asia in the New Century."

Cuban Monetary Policy: Response to the Global Crisis

This article analyzes the transmission mechanisms of the global crisis on variables that pertain to Cuban monetary policy.

Two Latin Americanist Fellows in Residence for 2004-2005

Latin Americanists Jonathan Fox and Mark Ungar join a group of 23 Fellows for the 2004-2005 academic year.


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