Latin American Program in the News: Ahmadinejad Woos Chavez-Led Allies In Latin America

Iranian President Ahmadinejad is to visit several Latin American countries.

Decentralization, Civil Society, and Democratic Governance

This is a report on a conference held on February 20-21, 2001 in which eleven researchers presented papers on the experience with decentralization in their own countries.

Presidential Election Results Challenged in Venezuela

An unexpectedly close outcome in the Venezuela election has resulted in charges of “irregularities” and the demand for a recount from opposition leader Henrique Capriles. Can the “Chavismo” movement survive without Hugo Chavez? We spoke with Latin American Program Director Cynthia Arnson to gain perspective on this and other questions.

New Volume on Crime and Violence

The Latin American Program is pleased to announce the release of its latest publication, "Crime and Violence in Latin America: Citizen Security, Democracy, and the State."



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