New Approaches to Migration Management in Mexico and Central America

Until recently, the outflow of Mexicans to the United States dominated the attention of Mexican politicians, policymakers, and migration researchers, but public attention has shifted in recent years to the phenomenon of transit migration. Over the past two decades, Mexico has increasingly become a destination for Central American migrants seeking to enter the United States; many remain in Mexico for extended periods and, in some cases, settle permanently.

Mexico Institute in the News: Despite Bad Press and Travel Warnings, Mexico Tourism Holds its Own

While there are security concerns in parts of Mexico, tourists continue to travel to other regions of Mexico for vacation.

Human Rights in the International System

The Latin American Program organized the conference "Human Rights in the International System: Enforcing Global Governance" to study the current role of human rights in the international system, and the use of human rights as a foreign policy strategy. This publication is the report from this conference.

Latin American Program in the News: Migration Conflict

Latin American Program Associate Director Eric L. Olson provides a sound clip about migration in Central America.


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