“The Decisive Vote? How Latinos Voted and What It Means for Policy”

Latino leaders and scholars talked about the impact of Latino voters on the 2012 presidential election, and the issues that influenced their votes.

NOTICIAS Winter 2014

The newsletter of the Latin American Program, Brazil Institute, and Mexico Institute

Mexico Institute in the News: Despite Bad Press and Travel Warnings, Mexico Tourism Holds its Own

While there are security concerns in parts of Mexico, tourists continue to travel to other regions of Mexico for vacation.

¿A Dónde Vamos? Análisis de políticas públicas de seguridad ciudadana en América Latina

Edited by Carlos Basombrío, this publication brings together experts from across Latin America to analyze the state of citizen security policy in the region. (In Spanish)

TALLER DE REFLEXIÓN: Diplomacia Subregional: Cooperación y Seguridad en América del Sur

This publication summarizes a workshop held in Buenos Aires on June 6, 2005 to discuss creating a security community through the cooperation of public and private sectors. (in Spanish)

Latin America Program in the News: Reopening of the political dialogue

Cynthia Arnson commented on the U.S.-Latin America relations with the occasion of the OAS (Organization of American States) summit in Guatemala. The article focused on Venezuela-U.S. relationship.


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