Chavez Wins Again

Despite a number of prominent polls indicating a tight finish, Hugo Chavez was re-elected President of Venezuela by a comfortable margin. But the opposition ran a competitive race and may have some momentum with regional elections set for December. Chavez’s health and prospects for completing his latest term in office remain questionable. In this Context interview, Cynthia Arnson, Director of the Wilson Center’s Latin American Program, discusses the implications of the election results.

Latin American Program in the News: In Latin America, Obama Stresses Partnership

Eric Olson was talked to NPR from Costa Rica where he witnessed the President Obama’s trip to San José.

Arms Control and Limitation in Latin America: An Elusive Goal

This paper analyzes the main variables that affect the control of arms in Latin America.

Cambios en la sociedad Cubana desde los noventa

This book aims to provide academics, policymakers, NGOs and the media in Cuba, Latin America and North America, with a better understanding of the changes in Cuban civil society since the collapse of the Soviet Union and their implications in the areas of research, academic and literary production, and public policy.

Latin American Program in the News: Crime organizado se beneficia de ligações com o poder público na AL

Latin American Program Global Fellow Juan Carlos Garzón is quoted in this article about organized crime in Latin America. This article is in Portuguese.

Mexico Institute in the News: Despite Calls for Fencing-In the Border, U.S. Sticks with Surveillance and Comms on Southwest Borders

The U.S. continues with an border security approach that does not include building a physical wall.


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