Foreign Policy and International Relations

As Latin American countries find new options for political and economic insertion in a globalized world, patterns of international relations and U.S.-Latin American relations are changing. The Program is particularly focused on understanding of the region’s new commercial and political relationships with China, India, and other Asian countries.

Latin American Program in the News: Nicolas Maduro is sworn in as Venezuelan president after disputed vote

Director Cynthia J. Arnson remarks on how politically divided Venezuela finds itself after its recent elections, which may have profound repercussions on Maduro's ability to govern the country effectively.

Mexico Institute in the News: Drug-Related Violence Soars in Mexico

Violence in Mexico continues to increase and spread as the drug war in Mexico continues.

Colombia's Santos takes office hoping to end 50 years of violence

Program Director Cynthia J. Arnson is quoted in The Miami Herald in regards to Colombia's Santos taking office.

Governance and Security in Haiti: Can the International Community Make a Difference?

This publication is a summary of a meeting held on January 9, 2007 to discuss the role of the international community in addressing Haiti’s governance, security, and development challenges.

Latin American Program in the News: Hugo Chávez's Venezuela, What does the political and economic future hold?

According to former Wilson Scholar Margarita López Maya, without Hugo Chávez's visible presence in Venezuela problems like declining infrastructure and economic stability are increasingly apparent.


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