Mapping the Human Genome: Risks and Benefits

David Rejeski, director of the Wilson Center's Foresight and Governance Project, lauds the benefits but warns of the ethical and moral implications of the sequencing of the human genome.

Environment, Population Key to Security, Say Experts

APRIL 2006--Addressing Environmental Degradation and Population Dynamics May Lower the Risk of Conflict, Some Tell Environmental Change & Security Program Report

Delivering Solutions to Improve Maternal Health and Increase Access to Family Planning

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 800 women die daily from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Almost all of these deaths occur in developing countries, with higher rates for women living in rural areas and among poorer communities.

Health Status Disparities in the U.S. Conference Papers Now Posted

JANUARY 2008 - Edited transcripts and a paper from the April 2007 Health Status Disparities in the United States Conference are now posted.

UNAIDS Releases 2008 Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic

August 2008 – New UNAIDS report presents HIV/AIDS data on 147 countries, the "most comprehensive review of the epidemic to date."

The Avian Flu Challenge in Southeast Asia

Webcast: April 11, 2006featuringDr. David Reddy, Tamiflu Pandemic Task Force Leader, Roche Pharmaceutical; Dr. Tjandra Yoga Aditama, Pulmonologist and Medical Doctor, Persahabatan Hospital and the Indonesian Ministry of Health; Dr. Tracy Du Vernoy, Senior Staff Veterinarian, US Department of Agriculture – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Emergency Programs; and Peter Gourlay, Senior Advisor for Corporate Relations, JHPIEGO

Using Nanotechnology to Improve Health in Developing Countries

Webcast: February 27, 2007featuringAndrew Maynard, Chief Scientist, Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies; Piotr Grodzinski, Director, Nanotechnology for Cancer Programs, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health; Dr. Peter A. Singer, Senior Scientist, McLaughlin Rotman Centre, University Health Network; Professor, University of Toronto; and Distinguished Investigator, Canadian Institutes of Health Research; and Jeff Spieler, (Moderator) Division Chief, Research, Technology, and Utilization Division, Office of Population and Reproductive Health, U.S. Agency for International Development


Experts & Staff

  • Roger-Mark De Souza // Director of Population, Environmental Security, and Resilience, Wilson Center
  • Sandeep Bathala // Senior Program Associate, Environmental Change and Security Program, Maternal Health Initiative
  • Katrina Braxton // Program Assistant, Maternal Health Initiative
  • Schuyler Null // Writer/Editor, Environmental Change and Security Program, Maternal Health Initiative