Wilson Center Scholar Feshbach Quoted By New York Times On Russia's Demographic Plan

MAY 2006--President Putin Promotes Incentives To Bolster Population

Dialogue Interview With Dr. Peter Piot

JANUARY 2008 - Dr. Peter Piot, UNAIDS Executive Director, discusses international efforts to combat the AIDS epidemic over the next 20 years.

Delivering Solutions: Advancing Dialogue to Improve Maternal Health

'Delivering Solutions' captures, analyzes, and synthesizes the strategies and recommendations that emerged from the the Woodrow Wilson Center’s 2009-2011 "Advancing Dialogue on Maternal Health" series.

Robin Cook's Foreign Body Highlighted in The Economist

August 2008 – Author and Wilson Center Board of Trustees Member Examines Medical Tourism in Newest Novel

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: 21st Century Medicine

Webcast: April 14, 2006featuringDr. Kenneth Cooper, Founder, President, and CEO-—Cooper Aerobics Center

Roger-Mark De Souza Named Director of Population, Environmental Change, and Security

Noted population-environment expert Roger-Mark De Souza joins the Wilson Center as Director of Population, Environmental Change, and Security. De Souza will lead programs on reproductive and maternal health, environmental security, and livelihoods, including the Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program and the Global Health Initiative.

HIV/AIDS, Agriculture, and Conservation: Impacts and Solutions

Webcast: January 17, 2007featuringRichard Skolnik, Director of International Programs, Population Reference Bureau; Lori Hunter, Associate Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder; and Bixby Visiting Scholar, Population Reference Bureau; and Judy Oglethorpe, Director of Community Conservation, World Wildlife Fund

Can Technology Stop Gender Based Violence?

Sandeep Bathala, Senior Program Associate for the Environmental Change and Security Program and the Maternal Health Initiative at the Wilson Center, discusses Gender Based Violence and explores ethical questions surrounding the use of new technologies to combat what some describe as a global epidemic.

Wilson Center Launches New Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies

In partnership with the Pew CharitableTrusts, the Wilson Center will work with industry, academia, NGOs, and others to explore the future of nanotechnologies and their implications for the environment and human health.


Experts & Staff

  • Roger-Mark De Souza // Director of Population, Environmental Security, and Resilience, Wilson Center
  • Sandeep Bathala // Senior Program Associate, Environmental Change and Security Program, Maternal Health Initiative
  • Katrina Braxton // Program Assistant, Maternal Health Initiative
  • Schuyler Null // Writer/Editor, Environmental Change and Security Program, Maternal Health Initiative