Mexico Institute in the News: Violence Levels Off in Some Parts of Mexico, but Spreads to Others

Violence remains high in border areas, and grows in other areas of Mexico. President Calderon continues his plan to go after cartel leaders as critics question the effectiveness of his plan.

Mexico Institute in the News: Researchers Call for New Tactics in Drug Abuse Fight

Current U.S. drug policy is proving insufficient in shrinking the damage caused by drug abuse, but promising alternative approaches could lead to improved results, according to an article in the summer 2012 edition of Issues in Science and Technology.

The Private Sector and Public Security: The Cases of Ciudad Juárez and Monterrey

This paper focuses on the nature and results of the civic engagement and activist postures adopted by the private sector in Juárez and Monterrey since 2008.

Mexico Institute in the News: Mexican Presidential Frontrunner Draws Crowds, And Protests

Enrique Peña Nieto draws crowds and protests, the Mexico Institute's Eric Olson explains his appeal.

Mexico Institute Visiting Scholars

The Woodrow Wilson Center's Mexico Institute announces the arrival of scholars in Washington, DC.

Zetas Leader's First Task: Hold Nuevo Laredo

In this article, Steven Dudley, Director of InSight Crime and a former Wilson Center Fellow, suggests the Zetas dominance over the highly lucrative drug trafficking corridor through Nuevo Laredo will likely be seriously challenged in the wake to Miguel Treviño’s capture.

Viva Mexico

Washington, DC area cultural institutions have joined with the Mexican Cultural Institute and the Embassy of Meico to present a celebration of Mexican culture this spring and summer through various exhibitions performances and events.



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