Mexico Institute in the News: 5 bodies found in Ariz may be latest drug violence

Five bodies were found in the Arizona desert, the authorities suspect Mexican cartel involvement, the Mexico Institute's Eric Olson discusses the probability of more cartel violence on the U.S. side of the border.

Mexico: Majority of Federal Inmates Imprisoned on Drug Charges-Mexico Institute in the News

The Mexico Institute's Steven Dudley and Christopher Wilson discuss mexican prison population issues

Booming economy overshadowed by Mexico's violence - Mexico Institute in the News

In their report, "Mexico: A Middle Class Society, Poor No More, Developed Not Yet," economists Luis De La Calle and Luis Rubio of the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, discuss the impact of this growth.

Mexico Institute in the News: Sharp drop in the murder rate in Juarez, thanks to the cartels?

Eric Olson and Molly Molloy comment on the drop in murder rates in Juarez, Mexico for “AirTalk.”

Biden Kicks-off US-Mexico Economic Dialogue- The Expert Take

Vice President Joseph Biden is in Mexico to officially launch the U.S.-Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue (HLED) as a reflection of the enormous importance of U.S. - Mexico relations. Program Associate Christopher Wilson discusses why this matters.

Latino Immigrants in the Windy City: New Trends in Civic Engagement

This report is part of a series on Latin American immigrant civic and political participation that looks at eight cities around the United States: Charlotte, NC; Chicago, IL; Fresno, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, CA; Omaha, NE; Tucson, AZ; and Washington, DC. The reports on each city describe the opportunities and barriers that Latino immigrants face in participating as civic and political actors in cities around the United States.


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