Use of torture by Mexican government on the rise, Amnesty International says- Mexico Institute in the News

Eric Olson comments on reports that the Mexican government is torturing detainees from Mexican drug cartels. •This radio segment was replayed throughout KPCC

Criminal Procedure Reform in Mexico: Where Things Stand Now

This paper gives an overview of Mexico’s judicial reform process and where things stand now that the Peña Nieto government has assumed the presidency from Felipe Calderón. A key challenge in tracking the reform continues to be the unavailability of systematic data on institutional changes; Ingram’s paper highlights the weakness in data availability but his measures of reform progress also contribute to ameliorating this weakness.

Op-ed: Getting ready for a new era in U.S.-Mexico ties- Mexico Institute in the News

The Mexico Institute's Andrew Selee and Christopher Wilson comment on the potential for the U.S.-Mexico Relationship under the administration of newly- sworn in President Peña Nieto

Mexico Institute in the News: Obama Keeps Eye on U.S. Politics at Latin America Summit

President Barack Obama attended a summit in Latin America that may have as much resonance in domestic politics as in hemispheric economics. Discussions at the meeting of North and South American leaders in the resort city of Cartagena, Colombia, covered trade, economic growth and the battle against drug trafficking.


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