Mexico: Aztec Tiger - Mexico Institute in the News

Duncan Wood spoke to the Financial Times regarding Enrique Pena Nieto's efforts to overcome political gridlock. “It is a political statement,” he said. “And it fits with the PRI tradition of trying to build consensus.”

Mexico Institute in the News: Commentary on the Mexican Elections by Mexico Institute Staff and Colleagues

For deeper analysis and background on the July 1 elections in Mexico, we have collected a selection of insights from Mexico Institute staff and colleagues on the PRI's rise to power, the prospects for security, economic, and energy policy, the impact on U.S.-Mexico relations and the future of Mexican democracy. This list will be continually updated on the Mexico Institute homepage as more articles are released.

Mexico with great opportunities in the U.S. after Obama's reelection - Mexico Institute in the News

This article is in Spanish. Eric Olson, Associate Director of the Mexico Institute Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC, says Obama will seek to maintain a close relationship with Mexicans but based on the same subject that came up in the first four years: safety. • This article also appeared on and

Awards Celebrate Bi-National 'Success Stories'

The Awards for U.S.-Mexico Cross-Border Cooperation and Innovation will be formally presented on Thursday, September 29, at the Border Governors Conference in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

Shattered Dreams and Restoring Hope: Organized crime and violence on the U.S.-Mexico border

Our group of seven is part of a joint research and writing project to examine the effectiveness of US and Mexican efforts to confront transnational organized crime that is tearing apart communities in both countries. Our project starts with the assumption that both countries have a shared responsibility to address the violence and underlying causes giving rise to the current crises in places like Ciudad Juarez.

Economic Competitiveness

Publications in this category discuss opportunities for strengthening economic ties between the United States and Mexico, innovation and development in key industries, and Mexico’s transformation into a middle class society.


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