Turn Up the Gas on Mexico’s Energy Revolution - Mexico Institute In the News

Duncan Wood authored a piece on Mexico’s proposed energy reforms for Bloomberg View

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Three layers of fences separate the U.S. and Mexico along the border in San Diego December 9, 2005.

The New Reality at the Border

In this op-ed from the Los Angeles Times, Andrew Selee argues that illegal immigration is'nt what it used to be. As Congress debates immigration reform, it is worth taking a look at what's changed.

Mexico Institute in the News: Troubles Vex Mexico Crime-Fighting Force

The Federal Police was supposed to be this country's answer to the FBI—a tough investigative and crime-fighting force. But when Federal Police officers allegedly tried to kill two U.S. government employees outside this hillside village last month, doubts surfaced on both sides of the border about whether the agency can be trusted to lead Mexico's charge against organized crime. The Mexico Institute's Eric L. Olson comments.

Peña Nieto’s Reforms are Being Debated- Mexico Institute in the News

The Mexico Institute's Duncan Wood discusses the current debate on President Peña Nieto’s proposed reforms.

Mexico Institute in the News: In Texas, Caution, Optimism Greet Mexican Election

Texas lawmakers are concerned that the PRI will revive its tainted past, which included reports of corruption and deal-making with criminal elements. In an overview of the race, Eric Olson, Associate Director of the Mexico Institute, said that the question on most people’s minds was whether Peña Nieto could overcome his party’s tainted legacy and “usher in a new era with a reformed PRI capable of tackling the issues of corruption and inefficient government, security and violence, and economic under-performance that have vexed other parties as well.”


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