Mexico’s Energy Reform: A Game Changer in the Nation’s History (An Upstream Perspective)

The Mexican energy reform bill adopted by a narrow margin on December 12, 2013 and which took effect on January 1, 2014 formalizes the most liberal energy regime in the country’s history.

Latin American Program in the News: Firma alemana reconoce envío de armas a México

An article on a German company (Heckler & Koch) accused of illegal firearms sales to Mexico cites Colby Goodman's Wilson Center report on firearms trafficking. (in Spanish)

More Than Neighbors: The U.S.-Mexican Alliance

The United States and Mexico are increasingly interconnected and the Mexico Institute is working to promote mutual dialogue, most recently through its U.S.-Mexico Congressional Initiative.

Obama, Pena-Nieto greet an era of wider cooperation - Mexico Institute in the News

Recent studies by the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars maintain that nearly 40 percent of Mexican-made products exported to the United States originated north of the border.

Mexico Institute in the News: Maquiladora activists find themselves in Drug War crossfire

Andrew Selee, vice president for programs at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington D.C. comments. This article was also published in Fronteras Desk.

Mexico Institute Convenes High-Level Innovation Forum with U.S. and Mexican Policymakers

The Mexico Institute recently convened a high-level discussion with a number of U.S. and Mexican stakeholders to discuss opportunities for developing innovation policies in Mexico.

Mexico Institute in the News: Mexico’s new president faces stagnant economy, ongoing drug war

Enrique Peña Nieto, the current governor of Mexico State, won with approximately 38 percent of the vote, reclaiming the presidency for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (known as PRI, for its Mexican acronym), which ruled Mexico for 71 years before the National Action Party (PAN) won in both 2000 and 2006...The Mexico Institute's Christopher Wilson comments.

Info-graphic: U.S. Merchandise Trade with Mexico, 1993-2012

Updated data regarding U.S.-Mexico trade.


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