NKIDP research assistant published on Asia Times Online

Arguing that the North Korean regime understands and exploits international diplomatic norms.

New Evidence on North Korea's Chollima Movement and First Five-Year Plan (1957-1961)

A collection of declassified archival documents on North Korea's Chollima Movement, compiled in preparation for the 10 February 2009 conference The 2009 'New DPRK Revolutionary Upsurge'--A Blast from the Past or a New Path?

NKIDP and CWIHP welcome Wilson Center Korea Scholar Giwon Kwon

NKIDP and CWIHP are pleased to welcome Wilson Center Korea Scholar Giwon Kwon. His project is entitled The History of Inter-Korean Relations from the Late 1940s to the Present.

CWIHP Bulletin 14/15

"New Evidence on North Korea"