Understanding North Korea: Tyranny of the Weak

A weak state by many measures, North Korea has managed to survive while other regimes have fallen. To many, the nation remains a seemingly impenetrable mystery when it comes to understanding motivations and behavior. But historian Charles Armstrong believes the near opposite is true.

Donga Daily article covers release of NKIDP Critical Oral History Conference transcript

An article carried in Korea's Donga Daily highlights new findings from a recently published NKIDP book, Crisis and Confrontation on the Korean Peninsula: 1968-1969 from the History and Public Policy Program Critical Oral History Conference Series.

China and the Post-War Reconstruction of North Korea, 1953-1961

NKIDP Working Paper #4, “China and the Post-War Reconstruction of North Korea, 1953-1961,” written by Zhihua Shen and Yafeng Xia, is the first paper in English to systematically assess the extent and significance of Chinese assistance to North Korea after the Korean War.