Database on Inter-Korean Relations

Using fresh and policy-relevant historical data, the Database on Inter-Korean Relations informs and supports current and future efforts to reunify peacefully the Korean Peninsula and achieve reconciliation in post-unification Korea.

Internships with the Cold War International History Project

The Cold War International History Project (CWIHP) at the Woodrow Wilson Center is currently accepting internship applications for the Fall 2011 academic semester.

NKIDP research assistant published on Asia Times Online

Arguing that the North Korean regime understands and exploits international diplomatic norms.

Understanding North Korea: Tyranny of the Weak

A weak state by many measures, North Korea has managed to survive while other regimes have fallen. To many, the nation remains a seemingly impenetrable mystery when it comes to understanding motivations and behavior. But historian Charles Armstrong believes the near opposite is true.

CWIHP Bulletin 14/15

"New Evidence on North Korea"