NKIDP e-Dossier on Kim Jong Il's rise to power featured on Korean news

An article published by Yonhap News on December 26, 2011 citied NKIDP e-Dossier No. 4, “The Rise of Kim Jong Il - Evidence from East German Archives,” which featured East German archival documents on the succession of Kim Jong Il in the 1970s uncovered for NKIDP by Cold War International History Project Senior Scholar Bernd Schaefer.

North Korean 'Adventurism' and China's Long Shadow, 1966-1972

CWIHP Working Paper #44 by Bernd Schaefer

NKIDP e-Dossier No. 7 on Kim Il Sung’s April 1975 Trip to Beijing Featured in South Korean Press

NKIDP e-Dossier No. 7, “East German Documents on Kim Il Sung’s April 1975 Trip to Beijing,” was featured widely in the South Korean press upon its release, with stories appearing in Joongang Ilbo, Donga Ilbo, and Maeil Business News, among others.

Limits of the "Lips and Teeth" Alliance: New Evidence on Sino-DPRK Relations, 1955-1984

A collection of declassified archival documents on Sino-DPRK relations, compiled in preparation for the 6 April 2009 conference North Korean Attitudes Toward China: A Historical View of Contemporary Difficulties