No One is Safe---Relections on the Bombing of the UN Headquarters in Baghdad

In this second dispatch on reconstruction efforts in Iraq, Anita Sharma, Deputy Director of the Conflict Prevention Project, comments on thebombing of the UN Headquarters and the reality that humanitarian workers are nolonger immune to attack. On a leave of absence from the Center, Sharma has been working in Iraq for the past five months with the International Organization for Migration. Due to thedeteriorating security situation, she and many other humanitarian aid workers have temporarily relocated in Amman, Jordan.

Distinguished African Scholar Betty Bigombe in the Washington Post

In a new Washington Post multimedia report, former Ugandan government minister Betty Bigombe discusses her involvement in negotiating peace in northern Uganda to end the civil war with the Lord's Resistance Army.

Religious Responses to Conflict: Lessons Learned and Practical Strategies for Peacebuilding

This occasional paper is the fourth in a series titled, "What Really Works in Preventing and Rebuilding Failed States." This fourth occasional paper is based on a public forum that took place on, Thursday, March 13, 2008, at the Wilson Center, entitled, "Religious Responses to Conflict: Lessons Learned and Practical Strategies for Peacebuilding." Michael Lund, consulting program manager to the Leadership Project and senior specialist for conflict and peacebuilding at Management Systems International Inc. (MSI) moderated the session. The publication was compiled and edited by Mathias Kjaer and Sarah Cussen of the Leadership Project.

Brain Drain in Africa: State of the Issue and Possible Solutions

How can Africa prevent the exportation of its educated citizens? This paper attempts to answer this very question through examination of what is meant by “brain drain,” followed by analyzing the hard facts, significance and consequences for the continent.



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  • Steve McDonald // Senior Advisor, Africa Program and Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity
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