Religious Responses to Conflict: Lessons Learned and Practical Strategies for Peacebuilding

This occasional paper is the fourth in a series titled, "What Really Works in Preventing and Rebuilding Failed States." This fourth occasional paper is based on a public forum that took place on, Thursday, March 13, 2008, at the Wilson Center, entitled, "Religious Responses to Conflict: Lessons Learned and Practical Strategies for Peacebuilding." Michael Lund, consulting program manager to the Leadership Project and senior specialist for conflict and peacebuilding at Management Systems International Inc. (MSI) moderated the session. The publication was compiled and edited by Mathias Kjaer and Sarah Cussen of the Leadership Project.

Securing Development and Peace in the Niger Delta: A Social and Conflict Analysis for Change

Few regions in the world have been as unfortunate as Nigeria’s oil-rich Niger Delta. The delta’s abundant natural wealth stands in stark contrast to its palpable underdevelopment. The oil sector accounts for approximately 95 percent of Nigeria’s export earnings and over 80 percent of federal government revenue, but for nearly two decades the delta has been mired in conflict and violence that threatens human security and the national economy.

Africa on the Move!: The Role of Political Will and Community in Improving Access to Family Planning in Africa

This paper presents a compelling study that examines factors which have propelled the change in attitudes of political leaders to champion family planning in Africa.

Preventing the Next Wave of Conflict

This new report, Preventing the Next Wave of Conflict: Understanding Non-Traditional Threats to Global Stability, released by the Center's Conflict Prevention Project, is an analysis of the non-traditional threats to national security including economic and social disparities, failures in political and economic governance, demographic shifts, scarcity of natural resources, environmental degradation, and health crises. The report is available here for download.


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