Cities and Security: A Risk Factor Approach

Washington, D.C.: Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Comparative Urban Studies Occasional Papers Series, 36), 2001.

Our Shared Future: Environmental Pathways to Peace

This report draws from the dialogue and seminar papers shared at a January 2010 meeting co-hosted by the Wilson Center and the Fetzer Institute to explore the affect of globalization on natural resource issues such as water on local, national, and international levels. Examining the effect of environmental peacebuilding on communities, the discussion explored how governments, NGOs, the private sector, and other interested parties can generate positive outcomes while minimizing negative ones.

Participatory Urban Environmental Management: The Case of Ahmedabad, India

Washington, D.C.: Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; 1999. (Comparative Urban Studies Occasional Series; 20).

Microfinance on the Ground in Post-Conflict Juba, South Sudan

Semi-finalist paper contribution to the second annual academic paper competition co-sponsored by the Wilson Center's Comparative Urban Studies Project, USAID's Urban Programs Team, the International Housing Coalition, Cities Alliance, and the World Bank.

Global Forces and the Future of the Latin American City

Washington, D.C.: Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; 1994. (Comparative Urban Studies Occasional Paper Series; 4)

A Response Paper: Community Resilience in the Twenty-First Century

Paper contribution to the January 2009 seminar on community resilience.

Community Engagement for Emergency Preparedness

Paper contribution to the April 2011 seminar on post-disaster community engagement.


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