Uganda: An African "Success" Past its Prime?

Proceedings of a forum on recent political events in Uganda, featuring Joel Barkan, University of Iowa, Johnnie Carson, National Defense University, and comments and questions from Ruhakana Rugunda, Ugandan Minister of Internal Affairs and other audience members. Watch the video by visiting the event website.

Progress Building Democracy in Nigeria

A speech and Q&A with H.E. Atiku Abubakar, Vice President of Nigeria, in which he discussed progress made since the advent of multiparty democracy in 1999. He discussed the 2007 presidential elections, U.S.-Nigeria relations and outlined his vision for continued reform in Nigeria.

Darfur, Southern Sudan and Northern Uganda: The Quest for a Comprehensive Peace

A special briefing by John Prendergast, Special Advisor to the President of the International Crisis Group. Having just returned from the region, Prendergast focused on the relationship between the current crisis in Darfur, the recent peace agreement in Southern Sudan, and the ongoing conflict in Northern Uganda.

Sudan: The Current Situation and the Way Forward

A Director's Forum with Jan Pronk, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations for Sudan. At this briefing, Special Representative Pronk outlined his vision of the long-term role of the United Nations in promoting enduring peace and stability in Sudan, and provide an update of UN activities in the country.

President Pierre Buyoya: The Current State of the Burundi Peace Process

A presentation by H.E. Pierre Buyoya, former President of Burundi on the ongoing peace process seeking to put an end to over ten years of conflict in Burundi. Watch the video by visiting the event webpage.

The Burundi Leadership Training Project: The First Six Months

A discussion of Africa Program activities in Burundi, featuring Africa Program Director Howard Wolpe and Program Manager Steve McDonald brought to the Center for a day-long report and evaluation Burundian consultant (and former Human Rights Minister) Eugène Nindorera, trainers Elizabeth McClintock (Program Director of the Cambridge-based Conflict Management Group) and Alain Lempereur (Director of the Paris Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation in Europe, and workshop training participants Rémy Nahimana (Director, Burundi Catholic Peace and Justice Commission) and Domitille Barancira (President, Constitutional Court of Burundi). Watch the videos of this multi-part event by visiting the event webpage.

Dialogue Radio and Television

Dialogue television and radio programs streamed over the internet from the Wilson Center's Award-winning Dialogue series. These programs feature leading policymakers and scholars commenting current issues relating to Africa and the African diaspora.Dialogue Radio programming airs on local stations across the country. Television programming is broadcast in the Washington, DC area via the MHz channel, and can also be found nationally on the DISH satellite network. All programs can be streamed live over the internet. Click here for more information about Dialogue, including how to find a provider in your area.

Africa: Waging Peace

Steve Mcdonald, Consulting Program Director with the Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity and the Africa Project at the Woodrow Wilson Center speaks on the challenges and successes of the Burundi Leadership Training Project. Ending warfare in the developing world and establishing democracy has proven to be a difficult task. Holding "free and fair" elections is essential to building stability but much more is required for sustained peace. Participants must learn to trust one another and to view political power as something that must be shared. View this interview on the Wilson Center's dialogue Radio and Television website.

King Leopold's Ghost

With Adam Hochschild, of the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley.

The Refugees Within

With Amb. Donald Steinberg, Senior Fellow in the Jennings Randolph Fellowship Program of the United States Institute of Peace.


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