Arab Past is Key to Understanding ISIS

May 14, 2015
Analyzing the past is key to understanding the rise of ISIS, according to Rami Khouri, a Senior Public Policy Fellow at the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs.

Nasrallah: Saudi-Led Strikes Failed in Yemen

May 11, 2015
Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech on May 5 denouncing the Saudi-led military campaign against the Houthis in Yemen.

Royal Shakeup Could Strain US-Saudi Relations

May 05, 2015
King Salman of Saudi Arabia announced changes in the line of succession on April 29, which could lead to new tensions in U.S.-Saudi relations. In the latest edition of the Wilson Center Middle East Program’s Viewpoints series, David Ottaway describes how a new wave of “Saudi hawks” are opposed to U.S. engagement with Iran and are asserting their military power against Tehran’s allies in Yemen.

NPR Program on Yemen Crisis and Houthis

Apr 24, 2015
On April 23, Reporter Gregory Johnsen discussed the rise of the Houthi movement in Yemen on NPR's "Fresh Air."

U.S. Operation Killed Hostages near AfPak Border

Apr 23, 2015
On April 23, the White House revealed that a U.S. drone strike inadvertently killed two hostages held by al Qaeda near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

U.S. Treasury Sanctions Target Houthis

Apr 14, 2015
On April 14, the U.S. Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Abdul Malik al-Houthi, leader of the Houthi movement, and Ahmed Ali Saleh, a Houthi supporter and son of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The Diversity of North Africa's Islamists

Apr 13, 2015
North Africa’s Islamists are diverse and cannot be reduced to one category, according to Dr. H.A. Hellyer, who spoke at the U.S. Institute of Peace on April 1.

Salafists Promote Anti-Shiite Ideology on Twitter

Mar 30, 2015
Sunni Salafists are using social media to promote anti-Shiite discourse, according to a new report by Genevieve Abdo, a nonresident fellow in the Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings and a fellow in the Middle East/Southwest Asia program at the Stimson Center.

Nasrallah Condemns Saudi Arabia’s Bombing of Yemen

Mar 30, 2015
On March 27, Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech denouncing the Saudi military campaign against the Houthis in Yemen.