Carrollton businessman wants to make Mexico the next destination for medical tourism - Mexico Institute in the News

Jan 31, 2013
Christopher Wilson spoke to The Dallas Morning News about Mexico's potential to become a more medical tourism destination for Americans. He said, “Mexico needs to get more hospitals certified by the Joint Commission, address violence and the perception of it, and needs to significantly increase advertising in the United States.”

Energy Reform is Possible - U.S. Study - Mexico Institute in the News

Jan 24, 2013
This article is in Spanish. Duncan Wood quoted extensively in an article about the new Mexico Institute publication on the future of US-Mexico relations following President Obama's second Inauguration.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto tallies early victories, brings optimism -Mexico Institute in the News

Jan 24, 2013
“There’s a tide, a wave of optimism that this government can get issues through Congress,” said Duncan Wood said at a forum Jan. 9. This article also appeared on and

Latin American Program in the News: Obama's Gun Plan Could Impact Weapons Trafficking

Jan 23, 2013
Eric Olson remarked upon the impact that a trafficking law approved by the U.S. Congress could have on arms trafficking between the United States and Mexico.

New Home for Mexican Oil-Mexico Institute in the News

Jan 23, 2013
This article is a summary of work from the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center.

Concerns over weak security-Mexico Institute in the News

Jan 23, 2013
In the past two decades, the Government of Mexico was unable to reform the institutions of the old regime, leading to weak and ineffective institutions in charge of complex challenges such as organized crime, a study of Migration Policy Institute and the Woodrow Wilson Center. This article also appeared on

Obama’s Agenda in 2013-Mexico Institute in the News

Jan 23, 2013
Andrew Selee’s latest column for El Universal discusses Obama's legislative agenda and its possible relevance to Mexico.

Peña Nieto’s Reforms are Being Debated- Mexico Institute in the News

Jan 23, 2013
The Mexico Institute's Duncan Wood discusses the current debate on President Peña Nieto’s proposed reforms.

Mexico Wants U.S. To See Its Prosperity Not Violence-Mexico Institute in the News

Jan 23, 2013
Duncan Wood comments on the Mexico-US relationship on “Morning Edition.”

Obama Misses Opportunity to Stem Gun Flow to Mexico-Mexico Institute in the News

Jan 23, 2013
“Mexico’s previous administration prodded the U.S. to take stronger action on gun control for years, and Mexico’s new ambassador has continued that pressure,” Christopher Wilson. • This article also appeared on


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