Mexico Institute in the News: U.S., Mexican Leaders Say the Old PRI is Gone

Sep 05, 2012
The return to power of Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, will not be accompanied by the corruption that used to plague the party, says Arturo Sarukhan, the Mexican ambassador to the U.S., and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson...Woodrow Wilson Center's Mexico Institute at the DNC.

Mexico Institute in the News: Mexico's Felipe Calderon Touts Security Achievements in Final Address

Sep 05, 2012
Calderon delivered his final state-of-the-nation speech on Monday, trying to cement his legacy as the president who stabilized the economy and took on the country's entrenched organized crime groups, putting Mexico on the road to rule of law...The Mexico Institute's Andrew Selee comments.

Mexico Institute: August Highlights

Sep 04, 2012
Each month, the Mexico Institute will review and highlight the month’s activities and feature them here. Visitors will be able to watch the recap from our most recent events, browse our new publications, and read articles that feature key media appearances of the Mexico Institute staff. We hope you will find this review useful and informative. Enjoy!

Americans Shot in Mexico Were C.I.A. Operatives Aiding in Drug War

Aug 29, 2012
The two Americans who were wounded when gunmen fired on an American Embassy vehicle last week were Central Intelligence Agency employees sent as part of a multiagency effort to bolster Mexican efforts to fight drug traffickers, officials said on Tuesday...The Mexico Institute's Eric L. Olson comments.

Mexico Institute in the News: Mexico Says Police Shot U.S. Officials

Aug 28, 2012
Vice President for Programs and Senior Advisor of the Mexico Institute, Andrew Selee comments on Friday mornings incident in which two employees of the U.S. embassy in Mexico City were shot by Mexican federal police who may have confused them for organized crime members.

Mexico Institute in the News: Propone Romney plan energético con México

Aug 28, 2012
Vice President for Programs and Senior Advisor of the Mexico Institute, Andrew Selee was quoted in El Universal’s article discussing Mitt Romney’s proposed plan to achieve energy independence in 2020 in collaboration with Mexico and Canada. This article is in Spanish.

Mexico Institute in the News: Global State of Security in the US/Mexico Border Region Explored in New Report

Aug 28, 2012
A new paper released this month hopes to establish a “framework for measuring border security” that will “begin to set a base line for measuring border security between the United States and Mexico.” The report was co-authored by Erik Lee (Arizona State University) and Eric Olson, Associate Director of the Mexico Institute.

Mexico Institute in the News: Security gains in the border region seem tenuous at best according to a study by the Woodrow Wilson Center

Aug 28, 2012
This article references a report released by the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute. The report will be published in this fall as a chapter in the forthcoming State of the Border Report.

Mexico Institute in the News: U.S. and Mexican border mayors meet in San Diego

Aug 27, 2012
A group of border mayors who met in San Diego on Friday called for nontraditional financing, including public-private partnerships, to build badly needed border crossings in the face of limited federal funding. The Mexico Institute's Andrew Selee comments.

Mexico Institute in the News: Amid drug war, Mexico homicide rate up for fourth straight year

Aug 22, 2012
Mexico Institute's Eric Olson provided commentary on this story about Mexico's homicide rate. This article was also published in and on Hispanic Business.


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