Trade and Environment Forum Publications

Trade and environmental interests of all countries, including the United States, are global in nature, and increasingly interrelated. In an ecologically and economically integrated world, coherent global frameworks for both trade and environment policy that work together in a complementary way are needed to ensure sustainable development.

Climate Action in the United States and China

This pamphlet sets the context and summarizes the actions taken by the United States and China to address the threat of global climate change. The purpose is not to judge the actions of one country against the other but to help each country understand the existing activities and accomplishments of the other as a foundation for dialogue.

Hong Kong Conference Report: Green NGO and Environmental Journalist Forum

Environmental activism in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong has been growing considerably over the past decade, but most green activists and environmental journalists in each area have not had opportunities to meet and exchange ideas on their professions. Through a generous grant from the U.S. Institute of Peace, ECSP organized a forum in Hong Kong to provide opportunities for 65 environmentalists and journalists from the three areas of Greater China to discuss improving the capacity of environmental NGOs and the quality of environmental reporting in the region.


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