State, Society, and Transformation

Based on a conference sponsored by the Centers for Advanced Study and Education (CASE) Program, this report discusses reintroducing the concept of society back into the study of the state in the former Soviet Union and Russia.


A listing of the latest books from the Kennan Institute/Woodrow Wilson Center Press. The Woodrow Wilson Center Press publishes books by fellows, other resident scholars, and staff.

William C. Brumfield's "Discovering Russia" Series, from Tri Kvadrata Publishers

"Discovering Russia" is a series of books that showcase the architecture of Russia's regions through artistic photographs and scholarly texts. Each volume highlights a particular town and its region, photographed and researched by William Craft Brumfield, historian of Russian architecture, and professor of Slavic studies at Tulane University.

Annual Reports

Reports outlining the activities of the Kennan Institute during a program year, including scholars, conferences, events, and publications, as well as reports on other Institute activities.

Dilemmas of Diversity After the Cold War: Analyses of "Cultural Difference" by U.S. and Russia-Based Scholars

An interdisciplinary collection of essays by scholars from the Russian Federation and the United States, this body of work reanimates debates concerning state attempts to manage cultural diversity. The chapters originated as presentations in a series of workshops sponsored by the Kennan Institute in 2005 and 2006.

New Orleans and Odesa: Cities of Empire, Diversity, and Disaster

This brochure explores the similarities between New Orleans and Odesa, two port cities with idiosyncratic urban cultures and similar historical legacies. It highlights Kennan Institute programming on these two cities, as well as efforts to bring them together through art and culture.

Moscow and Kyiv: Changing Cities and Migrant Magnets

A Kennan Institute and Comparative Urban Studies Project report on the situation of migrants in Russia and Ukraine, with a particular focus on Moscow and Kyiv. Also includes an overview of Kennan Institute migration-related programming and publications.

National Security and Human Rights

A report on the June 29, 2006 conference held in Moscow focusing on human rights and national security in the age of terrorism. The conference was convened by the Kennan Institute, the Center for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights, and the New Eurasia Foundation. The conference was timed to coincide with the G-8 Summit being held in St. Petersburg.

Culture/Kultura: Russian Influences on American Performing Arts and Sport

In 2002-2003, the Kennan Institute hosted a series of five seminars on Russian influences on American sport, dance, music, theater, and film. This publication reviews the events of the Culture/Kultura series. It contains a general overview of Russian influences on American culture, together with summaries and images from each of the five events in the series.

Nontraditional Immigrants in Kyiv

A report on the results of a 2001-2002 study conducted by the Kennan Institute's Kyiv Project. The study highlighted the demographic changes that have affected post-Soviet Ukraine as a whole and Kyiv in particular since the country became a destination for migrants from countries outside of the CIS. The report provides extensive sociological data on Kyiv's nontraditional immigrant communities.


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