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Monthly Recap: March

Jul 07, 2011

The Sino Soviet Alliance and China's Entry in the Korean War

Jul 07, 2011
CWIHP Working Paper #1 by Chen Jian more

Crisis and Confrontation on the Korean Peninsula: 1968-1969

Jul 07, 2011
A collection of declassified archival documents on US-ROK-DPRK relations from 1968-1969 compiled in preparation for the 8-9 September 2008 international conference "Crisis and Confrontation on the Korean Peninsula: 1968-1969" more

Environmental Stress and Human Security in Northern Pakistan

Jul 07, 2011
Environmental and social factors are generating high levels of conflict and insecurity in Northern Pakistan. more



The Future of Higher Education

Mar 26, 2014Apr 02, 2014

Jeff Abernathy and Richard Morrill discuss how colleges and universities are dealing with rapidly rising costs and how the United States can still compete for students in a globalized environment.