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Austin Jersild

Short-Term Scholar, Kennan Institute
Kennan Institute

Russia and Eurasia
Associate Professor, Department of History, Old Dominion University
Wilson Center Project(s):
"American Domesticity and the Socialist Bloc: Exhibits and the Discovery of Strategic Consumerism"
Aug 01, 2006
Aug 01, 2006


Cold War History

Project Summary

The American model and presence was always in the background to Soviet exhibit planning discussions as well as the Chinese responses to the exhibits. It’s the study of the American production of international exhibits in the Cold War.

Previous Terms at the Wilson Center:
Wilson Center Project(s): From Frontier to Empire: The Russification in the Caucasus, 1845-1917 Term: May 01, 1987- Aug 01, 1987. Project Summary Russia'’s conquest of the Caucasus as a means of studying the issues of Russification, colonialism and the character of the Russian Empire a contrast of the old regime empire of the early 19th century, shaped by traditional concerns such as tsar, army Orthodoxy and the clarification of Imperial borders, with attempts by Russian and non-Russian figures in the emerging colonial communities to rethink the purpose of the conquest and the empire itself

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