Wilson Center Experts

Theodore Weeks

European Studies Program Title VIII Short-Term Scholar
Global Europe Program

Russia and Eurasia
Professor of History, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Wilson Center Project(s):
"Vilnius from Soviet to Lithuanian: 1980-2000"
Jul 01, 2011
Oct 15, 2011
Previous Terms at the Wilson Center:
Kennan Institute Short-Term Scholar, July 2003, "Vilnius-Vilne-Wilno: Biography of a Multicultual City, 1795-2000"; Kennan Institute Short-Term Scholar, November 1998, "M. N. Murav’ev and the Represenation of Russian Nationalism"; Kennan Institute Short-Term Scholar, May 1996, "The Politics of Cultural Awakening: Non-Russians in the Russian Empire, 1897-1917"; Kennan Institute Short-Term Scholar, January-September 1993, "Economic and Social Aspects of the Rise of Nationalism among the mInority Peoples of the Russian Empire’s Western Borderlands, 1850-1914"

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