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Ties That Bind U.S., Mexico

The security challenge drug cartels pose to both Mexico and the United States is deadlier than most Americans realize, says former Congressman Lee Hamilton. It is time we as a country recognized our contributions to our southern neighbor's security challenges and in cooperation with Mexico jointly address them.

Whoever Is President, an Administration Needs Oversight

With the White House and Congress soon to be controlled by the same party, there's a chance that Congress will be inclined to go easy on the Obama administration. Former Congressman Lee Hamilton says this would be a mistake, and calls for oversight.

Rethinking the Important U.S.-Saudi Equation

While Saudi Arabia will remain an essential partner for the foreseeable future, the fundamentals of the U.S.-Saudia bilateral relationship require re-examination. Former Congressman Lee Hamilton discusses forging a relationship resting on a broader, deeper, and stronger foundation.

Can Congress Cope With the Communications Age?

The communications revolution has presented Congress with an ironic problem: how to ensure that messages to and from constituents get heard. Former Congressman Lee Hamilton wonders, "Can Congress Cope With The Communications Age?"

After the Games, China Stays on World's Stage

The great questions in foreign affairs for this century will involve China, says former Congressman Lee H. Hamilton. Closer ties between China and the U.S. are crucial on environmental, economic, and foreign policy issues.

A Successful Congress Depends on Successful Leadership

As a new Congress prepares to convene in January, it faces great pressure to perform well. Former Congressman Lee Hamilton says a handful of people will determine how it does, for "A Successful Congress Depends on Successful Leadership."