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Climate Change: No Longer a Distant Threat

A new report from the CNA Corporation's Military Advisory Board makes clear that when it comes to climate change, “many threats are manifesting faster than anticipated and the risks are accelerating.” Geoff Dabelko discusses the threats and recommendations from the report.

Environment Roundtable: Responding to Climate Change & Syria Update

We convene our environment roundtable for a discussion of unintended consequences resulting from efforts to respond to climate change with Geoff Dabelko, Lisa Friedman, and Stacy Vandeveer. Also, Aaron David Miller joins us for a Syria update.

The Devouring Dragon

Jennifer Turner, Director of the China Environment Forum, and Craig Simons, author of The Devouring Dragon: How China’s Rise Threatens Our Natural World, discuss the environmental implications of China's rapid growth.
Alexandra Cousteau

Our Water Planet: The Cousteau Legacy

Alexandra Cousteau was selected as National Geographic Emerging Explorer in 2008 and during that same year she established the Blue Legacy organization to continue her family's work. She is also a co-founder of Earth Eco International.

Choke Point: The World’s Looming Water Crisis

Jennifer Turner, director of the Wilson Center’s China Environment Forum; Keith Schneider, senior editor for Circle of Blue