Women's Rights Multimedia


Future Leaders Discuss the Role of Women in Political Leadership and the Violence That Hinders Progress

Women are becoming a bigger part of the global political leadership equation, at the same time that violence against women is seen by many as an epidemic. Students from Eurasian countries, participating in a State Department exchange program discussed these contradictory situations with Wilson Center experts during an event summarized through this episode of REWIND.

Wilson Forum - Human Trafficking and a Regional Look at the Post-Soviet World

William Pomeranz, Acting Director of the Kennan Institute, discusses political and economic trends in post-Soviet countries. Lauren McCarthy, research scholar with the Kennan Institute, discusses continuing problems with human trafficking and slave labor in the Russian Federation.

Healthy People, Healthy Environment: Integrated Development in Tanzania

Sean Peoples and Michael Miller discuss their new short feature documentary entitled Healthy People, Healthy Environment: Integrated Development in Tanzania, which premieres this month at the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital.

Women and the Arab Spring & The Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited

Haleh Esfandiari, Hanin Ghaddar, and Yassmine El Sayed Hani discuss women and the Arab Spring. Tim McDonnell previews the Wilson Center's Cuban Missile Crisis project.

Is the Arab Awakening Marginalizing Women?

Rend al-Rahim, Executive Director of the Iraq Foundation; Rola Dashti, Chair of the Kuwait Economic Society; Rangita de Silva de Alwis, Director of International Human Rights Policy at the Wellesley Center for Women at Wellesley College.