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Protecting the Internet Commons

David Bollier, Director, Information Commons Project, New America Foundation; Author of Public Assets, Private Profits: Reclaiming the American Commons in an Age of Market EnclosureRead Bollier's report and the conference proceedings addressing current policy issues related to the commons of nature, information, science, and culture.

Reducing Maternal Mortality in Developing Countries, Part II

Webcast: March 12, 2008featuringWendy Graham, Immpact Principal Investigator; Dr. Julia Hussein, Immpact Senior Research Fellow; Cynthia Stanton, Immpact Researcher; Sophie Witter, Immpact Health Economist

Globalization: A Documentary

We would like to thank members of the Project on America and the Global Economy, the Latin American Project, the Division of International Studies, the Comparative Urban Studies Project, the Environmental Change and Security Project, the Canada Institute, Outreach and Communications, and Scholar Selection Services who dedicated time and energy to creating the Globalization Series. The film was edited and produced by Liz Freedman of the Foresight & Governance Project.

Interview with The African World TV

Interview which ran on The African World TV on February 25, 2007 on MHz. Listen to this interview (please note you must use internet explorer.)

Global Epidemics: The Contribution of Work

Webcast: March 5, 2008featuringPeter Schnall, Director, Center for Social Epidemiology; Paul Landsbergis, Associate Professor of Community and Preventive Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine; Marnie Dobson, Associate Director, Center for Social Epidemiology; Ellen Rosskam, Southeast Europe Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center; Josh Bivens, Economist, Economic Policy Institute

Futures Research

Ted Gordon is a futurist and management consultant who founded The Futures Group in 1971.This 25-minute video captures key points from a presentation at the Woodrow Wilson Center that occurred on October 16, 2001. The talk focused on the evolution of futures research, its promises, and its relation to planning and policymaking. Among a varied and impressive background, Mr. Gordon currently serves as Senior Research Fellow for the Millennium Project of the American Council of the Unites Nations University. The Millennium Project, which he first proposed in 1988, is a global activity that links futurists, scholars, and political and corporate decision makers in a structured inquiry into global issues and solutions.

The U.S. Launch of The Lancet's Series on Maternal and Child Undernutrition

Webcast: January 16, 2008featuringFaith McLellan, North American Editor, The Lancet; Dr. Robert Black, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Series Lead Author; Jayaseelan Naidoo, Board Chairman, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN); Joy Phumaphi, Vice President for Human Development, World Bank; Dr. Tadataka (Tachi) Yamada, President, Global Health Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; and Kent Hill, Assistant Administrator for Global Health, USAID