After laying low for the past month, many of our projects are now coming to fruition beginning with two new China Environmental Health Project Research Briefs. The first, entitled "Environmental Health Challenges in Xinjiang" by CEF fall intern Erika Skull, examines the unique environmental health challenges faced by the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Xinjiang is coping with an already fragile environment, particularly in terms of water quantity, combined with a changing climate and increasing human activity.

The second brief, entitled "Victory: A Grassroots NGO Empowers a "Cancer Village" to Take Action" by fall intern Skye Gilbert, follows the struggles of Qiugang village in Anhui province to discuss the work and impact of the environmental NGO Green Anhui. This brief also addresses the Chinese government's efforts to clean up the notoriously polluted Huai River Basin, and paints a picture of hope in the face of adversity through one small victory.

*Farmer Zhang's Field in Qiugang, Anhui Province. "It is covered in black grime and white crystals, and he has not been able to grow crops on it for four years. While walking through the field, one can barely tolerate the stench, and liquid flicks onto one's hair and clothes. It is not rain." - Photo courtesy of Skye Gilbert, 2009