3 China Environmental Health Project Research Briefs Highlighted in "Organic Trends"

Jan 16, 2008

The January 2008 edition of "Organic Trends," a newsletter circulated by the China Environment and Sustainable Development Reference and Research Centre (CESDRRC), highlighted three of the China Environment Forum's China Environmental Health Project research briefs.

The first was former intern, Natalie Baer's, article "Going Organic: Certification and Projects Promoting Safer Agriculture and Organics in China." This piece describes the certification process and includes links and descriptions of international and domestic projects aimed at improving the state of organics in China. It was created as a follow up to Baer's first piece, also cited in "Organic Trends," "The Spread of Organic Food in China," which describes the China's tiny organic food market and it's future growth prospects.

The last research brief noted was former intern, Yang Yang's, brief "Pesticides and Environmental Health Trends in China." This is the second of two by Yang Yang regarding pesticides in China; the first, "Highlights of Pesticide Laws and Regulations in China," lists laws regarding pesticides with links to their Chinese descriptions.


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