On April 21-22 2018, Africa Program Director Monde Muyangwa attended the 7th annual Tana High-Level Forum on Security in Africa centered around the topic: “Ownership of Africa’s Peace and Security Provision: Financing and Reforming the African Union.” The forum assembled key African heads of state, thought leaders, and practitioners in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, for the timely discussion.

Dr. Muyangwa participated in the forum, which defined the African Union’s goals of greater ownership and financial sustainability in its security architecture; discussed how international partners can assist the AU in achieving these long-term institutional plans; and outlined the way forward for the African Union (AU) and its member states to address Africa’s peace and security challenges. The forum served as a platform for dialogue between policymakers, scholars, and practitioners. It also provided a space to develop the AU’s strategic plans of remaining at the forefront of peace and security matters in Africa.