Brazilian Luis Antonio Bitencourt Emilio worked for 28 years as a civil servant, occupying several top level positions in the Brazilian Presidential Administration and for 13 years as a scholar and dean at the Catholic University of Brasilia. He also worked as a political consultant for the United Nations in East Timor and Tajikistan.

In 2000 he joined the staff of the Wilson Center to establish and direct Brazil @ the Wilson Center. His areas of expertise include political science, world politics, public policy, political transition, international security and nonproliferation.

Although he has had no formal artistic training, Luis has been expressing himself with oil and canvas for over 30 years. Balancing his art with his hectic professional responsibilities, he paints on weekends as a creative outlet. His subjects and inspiration are as varied as his background. We are pleased to invite you to experience 18 of these fascinating works in the 4th floor atrium of the Woodrow Wilson Center.

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For more information please contact Alex Parlini at or 202-691-4282.

Believers (Oil on canvas, 1998)

Ballet Dancer (Oil on canvas, 1997)

On the Beach (Oil, on canvas, 2003)

Plaza in the Fall (Oil on canvas, 2003)

Polo 2 (Oil on canvas, 1988)

The Woodrow Wilson Center Art Committee was created in 2002 with the aim of highlighting and displaying works of art from around the world. Chaired by David O. Hawxhurst, the committee receives and reviews requests for hosting exhibitions at the Wilson Center and grants space to several artists each year.