As a part of our USAID-supported environmental health work, CEF continues to research the impact of China's environmental degradation upon human health. This month, CEF was lucky enough to have two guest submitted research briefs. The first, "Waterborne Illness in China," was submitted by Christine E. Boyle, a doctoral student in the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This brief nicely compliments last months "Child Mortality and Water Pollution in China," and describes how our most basic commodity has become hazardous for many people.

The second research brief this month, "Environmental and Health Threats from Cement Production in China," was submitted by Environmental Protection Agency intern Jung-Myung Cho and Suzanne Giannini-Spohn, Office of International Affairs at the EPA. These experts detail how an oft-ignored industry is actually one of the most damaging to air quality and human health.

Check out the rest of CEF's China Environmental Health Project research briefs and fact sheets, on our documents and papers page. If you would like to write a research brief, or a shorter fact sheet, or to suggest an important topic on environmental health in China, please email Linden Ellis at