Texas has the most to lose of any U.S. state, if the NAFTA talks go wrong.  Texas trades USD$178 billion a year with Mexico, which translates into over USD$20 million of trade each hour.  Texas-Mexico commerce supports 382,000 jobs in Texas, and Mexican investment supports 20,000 more Texas jobs.  Each day, there are over 1 million legal border crossings between Mexico and the United States, out of which about 47 percent, or over 490,000, take place through Texas ports of entry.   That cross-border traffic is not just commercial.  Some 7.7 million Mexicans visit Texas in a year and spend an estimated USD$4.5 billion in Texas’ cities and communities.

Now that the NAFTA negotiations have slowed over controversial U.S. proposals, Texans and their elected federal and state representatives should be making very clear to the Administration team overseeing the NAFTA talks that they should do no harm to the massive Texas-Mexico trade relationship, and rather focus on creating new opportunities.  During his presentation to the Southern Methodist University, Ambassador Wayne encouraged Texas’ leaders to pay close attention and speak up vigorously for the state’ massive interests in U.S.-Mexico trade and cooperation.