The Cold War History Research Center Budapest seeks students of 20th Century History and/or the Cold War for substantive, research-oriented internship positions. The Center is not looking for people to brew coffee or clean the library shelves--it seeks to adjust the intern tasks to individual areas of interest and skill in close collaboration with a supervisor.

Possible tasks for interns include
• gathering knowledge on 20th Century Hungarian, East European and Cold War History
• conducting research in libraries, archives and online databases,
• editing and developing the center's website,, including compiling chronologies, bibliographies and other finding aids,
• translating and/or proofreading

Current research projects include
• A Chronology of the Soviet Bloc, 1945–1991
• The Collapse of Communism and the End of the Cold War, 1988–1991
• East-Central Europe and the German question
• Hungary and the East–West relationship
• Hungarian–Soviet relations
• Hungary's relationship to the countries of the Soviet Bloc
• The history of the Warsaw Pact
• West Germany, the CSCE Process and East-Central Europe

Payment, unfortunately, cannot be provided. The internships, however, are eligible for scholarship funding from the European Union. Please contact your university's Erasmus coordinator or career service.

Language skills: Knowledge of the English language (fluent reading, writing, and speaking) is a requirement for internship applicants. Making an effort to also study Hungarian is encouraged and recommended since it will greatly enhance the scope of your activities especially in the field of archival research. The Center can assist you in the search for a language course.

Housing cannot be provided, but the Center will assist in the search and selection process. Rooms in Budapest range from 25,000 to 70,000 Ft (90€ to 250€), depending on location, size, and general condition. The institute is well-connected to public transport, it is only a 5-minute walk from Blaha Lujza tér and can be reached easily from most parts of the city.

To apply, please write, fax, or e-mail to Director Csaba BÉKÉS at:
Cold War History Research Center
Dohány utca 74
1074 Budapest
Tel: (+361) 322 4026, 322 3222
Fax: (+361) 322 3084

Please include
• an up-to-date resume
• a cover letter specifying your areas of interest and/or expertise
• information on the projected time frame and duration of your internship

Recent interns have included students from the United States and Germany, if you would like to contact them, please write a short note to Director Csaba BÉKÉS.