The editor of the China Environment Series invites submissions for feature articles (20-25 double-spaced pages) and commentaries/notes from the field (2-5 double-spaced pages) for the 2004 issue. Issue 7 will be the first peer-reviewed issue of the China Environment Series—a free journal mailed to nearly 2,000 policymakers, scholars, and environmental activists in China, the United States and Europe.

I. Feature article themes of particular interest include:

  • Solving China's Water Problems (especially related to river basins)
  • Environment and Health Nexus
  • Energy (e.g., oil issues, energy efficiency, or policy)
  • Greening Business (green consumerism, environmental technology transfer, international business environmental initiatives)
  • Provincial Environmental Challenges and Innovations (of particular interest are Xinjiang and Guangdong)

    Authors wishing to propose feature articles focusing on other topics relating to environmental and energy issues in China or how these issues impact U.S.-China relations should not hesitate to submit a proposal.

    II. For the commentaries/notes from the field section of the China Environment Series we welcome any topic relating to environmental or energy issues in mainland China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong (See issues 4, 5 and 6 for examples of previous commentaries). Commentaries based on current field research are of particular interest.

    Proposal abstracts for feature articles and commentaries of not more than 250 words are due before 1 September 2003. Please email abstracts to Jennifer Turner or fax to 202-691-4184.

    Authors will be given guidelines after proposals are accepted. Final drafts will be due 3 November 2003