In spite of the rapid growth of green NGOs in mainland China in recent years, the opportunities for green NGOs operating in the four Chinese societies (mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau) to share their experiences and exchange their views have been very limited. To mark and celebrate its 40th anniversary, the Conservancy Association will organize, in conjunction with the Department of Geography at the University of Hong Kong, an international conference to bring together green NGOs from these four Chinese communities to examine the prospect of building a green partnership among green NGOs, the business sector and the government for sustainable development. Participants at this international conference will include researchers who have studied the promises and limitations of Chinese green NGOs; NGO practitioners who have experienced firsthand the successes and failures of environmental protection activities; and representatives from the business sector and government offices who have been engaged by green NGOs in sustainable development initiatives. The debates and deliberations to be anticipated to take place among all the participants at the international conference will help forge a common pathway through which green NGOs in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau will be able to strengthen the linkages among themselves and to deepen their collaboration with businesses and governments in their quest for a sustainable future for the Greater China region.

To attend, 29-30 November 2008, fill out and mail the registration form, located in the "See Also" box to the right.